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How can I Unlock Samsung A20 FRP Bypass Without a Sim Card

Samsung A20 FRP Bypass Without a Sim Card

Imagine, you somehow forgot your Samsung A20 phone’s password and don’t have any SIM card available with you, what will you do now? Maybe you will try to unlock the phone. That’s exactly what we brought for you, the new and overall best technique to unlock the Samsung A20 FRP bypass without a SIM card. You can use this method with almost every kind of Samsung
phone. For example, Samsung A10, A10s, A20, A20s, A50, A50s, etc.What is FRP bypass in Samsung A20 and how can you unlock FRP?

This FRP bypass method is best for any phone to unlock without any password, SIM card (can be used partially at the first), or any PC/ Laptop. Wait wait, don’t worry you also do not need to use any third party or unknown software here, and that’s the best part of it. So, what actually is FRP bypass!? You can access your Samsung phone without any google account just doing some manual tasks. In your Samsung A20 phone, this bypass google account method can surely work perfectly. Just follow every little step and technique as we are showing in this article.

List of essentials for Samsung A20 FRP bypass method:

First things first, you pretty much want to know what things you need to unlock your Samsung A20 or any Samsung phone. So to make things easier for you, we made a list of the essentials of FRP bypass to unlock your phone.

Your home network/ Wifi connection.
Your Samsung phone’s binary version.
Your phone must be charged above 80% as your phone can’t be turned off after starting bypass FRP.
FRP apk file.
A SIM card to use partially for the beginning. But you don’t have to insert a SIM while you bypass FRP as we mentioned before.

So now we know what we need, we need to have something in mind here before unlocking.

*User alert*- You can’t use this method for a stolen phone or if you’re not the owner of the phone. The techniques here specifically applied are legal procedures and only can be used if you are the real owner of the phone.

Samsung A20 FRP Bypass without SIM card easily in step by step:

Here we are showing you the best method of FRP A20 bypass which can be done without any laptop or computer. Follow the process of bypass Samsung a20 device and remove google account verification below in step by step-

Start with turning off your A20 phone. When it’s off, go to recovery mode.
To do so, take a look at where your “power off” button and “volume up” buttons.
Hold these buttons for a few seconds and press them together.
When android recovery mode appears, see your binary version of the phone.

(Your phone may have a different binary code, so you should check and confirm yours first. For help, watch the video we attached and contact to know your binary version).

Then restart your phone, where the page appears that says “Let’s go!”.
Then check out some info to get started and click next.
Skip that page once and again click on “Next”.
Then connect your WiFi network to this phone and prepare the SIM slot with a SIM to insert as we have shown in the video tutorial.
Insert the pin lock SIM and instantly slide down the notification bar. It is possible to fail your first attempt. Try doing the same again and again till you succeed.

Now while the notification bar is down your Samsung A20/ A20s device is showing to enter a SIM card unlock pin.

Here you have to use a trick. Put the pin but before tapping “Ok” use another hand to perform. Use that to tap on the “Notification Settings”.
After clicking ok instantly start clicking notifications Settings. Try this until the Settings appear.
Put out your SIM from your phone with the SIM slot.
Now tap to “see all” and allow YouTube Permissions.

Now you have to add another Gmail account there. The Gmail account you wanna add should be your own.

Go to YouTube and then “in-app notification settings”.
There you’ll see “History and privacy “. Click that and go to ” Youtube terms of service “.
Now when YouTube will show on your browser. Click on the address bar there and type “” and enter.

To bypass the Google account you have to download apk files from there.

Download “Google Account Manager Android 8 apk” and the “bypassFrp 1.0 apk” FRP tools.
Now go to downloads from the browser and open the Google account manager Android 8. Click the settings of it and allow from this source.
You will be asked if the app is safe to install. Just tap “Install”.
When it’s installed, go for installing the bypass FRP 1.0 apk like before.
Open it, find the browser sign in and accept the Google terms of service and privacy notice.
The page will come up that says “Sign in with your Google account“. To sign in, here, you will need to use your own Gmail account. And bingo! You completed the setup wizard! The last thing left here you should do is-
Go to the very first page, click the arrow and check out some of the info then click next.
You now just have to complete the formalities of your phone to finish the bypass FRP.

Yes, so finally it’s done! You successfully turned on factory reset protection and completely removed the previous Google account of Samsung A20 and also bypassed it without a SIM card. Congratulations!

Bottom line:

You can easily use this technique for any other device to perform Samsung A20/ A20s FRP bypass. To unlock your Samsung device without any password or any additional device like a laptop or PC, this method is 100% effective and works perfectly. For any further queries and help watch this “Samsung A10, A10s, A20, A20s, A50, A50s FRP Bypass || New Solution 2020 After Downgrade 100% Done” video carefully and bypass your own Samsung A20 or any Samsung phone without a SIM card.


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