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[Full Tutorials] iCloud Bypass With Checkra1n Windows MEID Sim Fix !! Bypass iCloud New Method 2021

[Full Tutorials] iCloud Bypass With Checkra1n Windows MEID Sim Fix iOS 14.4 Bypass iCloud New Method 2021

If you have ever used IOS devices, you’ll know how to access the iOS system. You need to unlock the iPhone with Your Apple ID password and username are required first. But what will you do if that happens you already forgot that?
And what if the case is something like using a second-hand iPhone? The iCloud activation locking must be removed that was created by the previous owner.
But hey! Don’t worry, this problem can be solved in just a few couples of minutes by iCloud bypass with checkra1n Windows using 3utools.

What Is Checkra1n Jailbreak?

A custom jailbreak has been circulating the internet for some time now, and it is now being given a name: Checkra1n. Checkra1n is a windows tool that allows you to bypass the App Store compliance checks and run apps that are not approved, such as Cydia. Many believe that with this tool, they can bypass the iCloud lock on their iPhone, as well as any other restrictions. But you know what! This is absolutely true as you can really bypass any iDevice activation lock.

3utools: The best tool for bypassing the iCloud activation

To unlock iCloud activation lock, 3utools is a great tool! You can use 3utools to bypass your locked iPhone by connecting it with your PC or Laptop. By connecting your iDevice with your PC/laptop you can jailbreak easily and can do the MEID Sim fix. You first need to download the software and install it. This 3utools software from their website.
Their official website is trusted so you do not need to worry about the privacy and security of your iPhone. Just click the link, go there and click the download button. Complete the initial setup process. Now explore this amazing and effective tool for bypassing the iCloud activation lock!

Is 3utools software safe to use?

Apple iPhone users may be wondering if using 3utools software is safe. To let you know, the 3utools company was founded in 2008 and has been a top choice for IOS file management ever since. They are providing the best server which can assure users’ privacy and security. Since they have been around for over 10 years. now with no malware detected on their software. So, the 3utools can be trusted and it’s 100% safe to use to unlock or bypass any iDevice.

Must-have essentials for bypassing the iCloud activation lock:

Before starting, you have few things to keep beside you or near you as this will be needed for iCloud bypass with checkra1n windows. It can also be software or others. So, we made a list of a few essentials you may need.

3utools tool for windows.
BalenEtcher tool for windows.
EFT pro tool for windows.
iPhone USB cable.
USB flash drive/Pendrive.
Checkra1n OS file.
WiFi connection.
Any laptop or computer.
Oh yes! Your confidence. 😀

How to use 3utools for iCloud bypass with checkra1n windows? (Step by step)

You might be wondering, what can be the process if you wanna flash & jailbreak your iDevice lock using 3utools?
That’s why we have provided you with the easiest guidelines for bypassing the activation lock. So, check the best and guaranteed way to iCloud bypass with checkra1n windows right here below:

The first thing which must be done is to connect your iPhone/iPad to the WiFi network. Next, connect your iPhone with your laptop/PC.
Now open the 3utools on your PC. Make sure the tool you downloaded is the latest version.
But before that, go to our website’s home page and click tools. And download the BalenEtcher tool for your Windows.
Again, go to the home page and choose iPhone Firmware (your iOS firmware) from the iPhone category.
There you’ll see a Checkra1n OS File Google drive link, click on it and download this too.
Download another software named “EFT Pro” from the tools category.
After the download process is completed, set up the BalenEtcher software on your PC/Laptop.
Launch BalenEtcher and select the “checkn1x.iso” file you downloaded earlier there in the “Flash from file”.

Now, you have to connect a USB flash drive with your laptop. After connecting, the name of the flash drive/pen drive will show in the “select target” list.
Choose that flash drive you inserted and click on “Flash! ” to flash the drive with that checkra1n file.

The process may take a little time, wait until it’s done. Do not pull out the Pendrive. After the Flash process is completed, the Validating process will start. Wait until that says your flash is completed!

Now restart your laptop immediately. Before restarting, the checkra1n windows will come up.
The page will say to enter any mode by pressing the keys. Click on “Alt+F2” to checkra1n.

That will say that your iPhone 7 is supported but iOS 14.4 is not, the supported versions are 12.0 -14. 4. So, you have to choose the required options. Put an [X] on them (as mentioned in the video). This will connect your 14.4 version in normal mode.

Nothing more, then click on “Start” to start the process of checkra1n windows.
The device now needs to be put into DFU mode to apply jailbreak, that’s why your windows will enter recovery mode.
To put the device into DFU mode, hold your iPhone and do the required tasks perfectly and manually as the instructions say.
The windows are now installing the jailbreak so wait for a while. “If the device asks for a passcode please enter it”.

After it says “All done”. Put out the USB flash drive and wait for your laptop to fully restart well. Now, when you open 3utools, you will notice “jailbroken” in the device info.

Then click on “EFT Pro.exe” software. Go to the Apple category and choose the option “Bypass iCloud at Hello Screen (Normal mode).
Start it and wait for a moment to complete downloading the file.

Once it’s done, Congratulations! You successfully completed jailbreaking your iPhone and also bypass iCloud activation lock.

What to do when jailbreaking gets stuck or fails?

This question is answered here. It is for those who are in the midst of fixing their iPhone or iPad and are stuck in the middle of doing so. You may have started a jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad with 3utools, but the process got stuck after a while for some reason. And now you can’t fix your iPhone anymore. These are the most common issues reported by users, especially those who have the most recent iPhone models.
The reason can be the unstable connection of your home WiFi network. Or it can be because of jailbreaking. As sometimes using unknown software to jailbreak your iDevice can bring malware risk and which can cause iPhone errors. Another reason can be the software that was updated recently on your iPhone.
But you have to fix this right?

So, here we’ll teach you on how to deal with the various iPhone boot loop errors and failures while jailbreaking.

The quickest way is to force restart your iPhone immediately after noticing your jailbreaking has stuck in the middle.
If you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, then try to connect with another one, or use your iPhones mobile data. You can also share a network from another phone and connect it with that network.
Also, don’t use any unknown third-party tools for jailbreaking your iPhone. Try to download links or software from a known and trusted source.
Lastly, the USB flash drive you are inserting with your PC should be malware free and try to avoid the disconnection between the USB flash drive and your laptop/PC.
If you follow the above steps, you can surely fix the problem you’re facing while jailbreaking any iDevice.

Caution: (Things to keep in mind)

1.Make sure your iDevice is connected to the laptop/ PC all the time.
If it somehow disconnects, all the steps should be repeated from the start.
2. Also, the guidelines are easy but you have to pay attention while you’re jailbreaking your iPhone by bypassing iCloud activation lock. You may fail for the first few attempts but will surely succeed.
(I tried more than one time and then got the result in positive so have patience As you follow the above steps)
3. And yeah! The Wi-Fi connection should be stable and can’t get disconnected.
Or else the jailbreaking will be incomplete and you have to run all steps again from the beginning.

Bottom line:

You can also jailbreak for iPhone 5s to x and the versions 12.0 and up by following the steps carefully. It can help MEID Sim Fix your iPhone. 3utools iCloud bypass works effectively so that you can unlock your iPhone without your apple id and password. This tool also manages apps-photos-music together and even many more.
The download link and all on our website, you can find more.! So check our video “iCloud bypass with checkra1n windows MEID Sim fix” for any help to bypass iCloud activation lock of your iPhone.



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