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How to Downgrade iPhone Without iTunes

How to Downgrade iPhone?

To all those iPhone users out there, do you know one thing? Since the release of iOS 7, Apple has made it extremely difficult for users to revert to a previous version of the operating system, making it nearly impossible to downgrade to a previous version. However, there are other ways Apple has taken steps to prevent users from downgrading, such as using carriers locking devices or using enterprise-only settings.


So this article of ours will take you through the steps of how to downgrade iOS version on your iPhone or iPad. Be warned that this process is not recommended by Apple and may cause premature wear on your device, but if you have a specific need for running an older operating system then downgrading can be useful. We also added the best tool to downgrade your iOS device and mentioned a few instructions to help you with that.

Why should I downgrade my iPhone?

Before beginning it’s important to understand why you would want to downgrade in the first place. There are many benefits such as being able to install any compatible app that has been previously abandoned by developers. Also accessing features from older iOS versions such as contacts syncing with iPads before they were introduced in iOS 5. And AirPrint support for printing wirelessly when using Mac OS X Mavericks. Downgrading was once possible without a jailbreak (unlocking). But now without unlocking your iPhone it’s nearly impossible to downgrade the firmware version of your iPhone.

How to downgrade iOS version?

Are you regretting picking up that shiny new iPhone model? Have the latest changes on iOS 12 tricked you into buying a version of software you no longer want or need?

We’ve got just the thing for you. Make those April Fools’ joke

sters pay, and downgrade to an older software with all those features which made your last phone so much fun, from headphone jack support to FaceTime video calls!

You can downgrade iOS on your iPhone by following the instructions below.

iOS downgrade instructions-

Step 1) Backup your device.

Step 2) Download the firmware file for the target iOS version you want to downgrade to.

Step 3) Download the iOS Firmware Upgrade Utility. (It’s a free app available on Apple’s Developer site). Put the firmware file and iOS Firmware Upgrade Utility in a folder.

Step 4) Connect your iPhone to your computer at this point.

Step 5) Open iTunes and select your iPhone from the iTunes sidebar.

Step 6) Click on the “Summary” tab.

Step 7) Then click “Check for Update”.

Your iPhone will now be downgraded as you want. There is another way you can downgrade your iPhone easily without any extra device.

  1. Backup your iPhone.
  2. Then go back to the factory settings on your iPhone.
  3. Next, reset the date and time on your phone.
  4. Turn off Find My Phone.
  5. Then, erase all data from the phone (this will delete everything, including music, photos, videos).
  6. Lastly, re-download apps that you need or use often for free in the App Store as long as they are compatible with iOS 7 or later versions of iOS.

How to restore unsigned ipsw?

When dealing with content from unsigned sources, you need to use caution. The files may not be safe and can contain malicious software. For example, you’ve got that unsigned ipsw and you want to restore it but there’s no way out? Have no fear, in this quick guide, we will teach you how to do the deed. Lucky for you we found a foolproof way to recycle your ipsw file!

Below we mentioned the instructions to restore unsigned ipsw:

Step One – Download the latest version of iTunes off Apple’s website.

Step Two- Connect your device with a USB cable if not done so already, and click the “Restore” button in iTunes.

Step Three- Then, choose “Select IPSW.” Select the file and wait for it to finish before disconnecting your iPhone/ iPad.

It’s done now! You have restored your unsigned ipsw successfully!

Note* Following that notification window saying how much information has been loaded from servers at Apple, a notification will appear telling you how much loading time there might be left.

(From what I’ve seen typically around an hour. But can take as little or as long depending on how large the update maybe).

Method 1: How to Downgrade iPhone with iTunes? 

Here we have a tutorial to downgrade your iOS version to your iPhone. If you find yourself hating the constant updates and never finding anything new in Apple’s latest update, then maybe it is time to go back to basics. We can help you be more updated without having too many updates on your phone!

This method of using iTunes can be used to downgrade your iPhone easily. Follow the quick instructions for help-

  • Plug your iPhone into a Mac or Windows PC via USB cable and launch iTunes on the computer.
  • Select the “Restore Backup” option in the Summary tab (the top one).
  • Then browse for the older backup file.
  • Wait until the process is complete before unplugging your device from the computer.
  • Now go back to Settings app > General > Software Update > Tap Download And Install button next to new software version available notification icon
  • After installation completes, restart your device manually by holding down Power+Home buttons together until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • The device will be downgraded to the previous iOS version.

Method 2: How to Downgrade iPhone without iTunes? (WooTechy tool) 

As you already know from the title that you will be needing this WooTechy software in your Windows first. So, download and install the tool to move on. You can also purchase this tool from the website on the “see pricing” category for monthly, yearly, or lifetime plans.

(Or, just click the link to find the downgrade iOS page directly and easily. You can watch our video for help as we mentioned all the steps carefully.)

  • After downloading the software and completing the initials properly, enter into the software “WooTechy iMaster”.
  • Now connect your iPhone or available IOS device to the computer.
  • Now choose the category of “Downgrade iOS”. There you’ll see your iPhones’ Firmware version and the file name something that says “restore ipsw”.
  • Below that, you can customize the download path or also import local firmware. Click the 2nd one and import your iPhones’ restore ipsw file.

Now the downloading process of firmware to the computer should start. The firmware extraction will take some time. Wait till it’s finished!

  • Now the main part of the whole process has arrived, The “Downgrade iOS Device” page!
  • You’ll be shown your selected iOS version that would be after downgrading the iPhone. For example: “Selected Firmware version: iOS 14.6”.
  • As this firmware is now prepared, you can start downgrading your iOS device without any data loss.
  •  Click on ‘start’ to start.

The iOS device is now getting into the recovery mode to be downgraded. So make sure that your iPhone is connected to the computer right now.

  • Downgrading your iPhone is processing in your computer. So, do not use your iPhone that time as the process might get bricked!
  • Woh! It’s done! Yes, your iOS device has been downgraded successfully.
  • Keep an eye on your iPhone that time, your iPhone will ask for your fingerprint to recover the data.
  • Press home, enter the passcode, and verify it again.
  • Your iPhone will now recover the data, so, wait patiently!
  • When the “Attempting data recovery” process will be finished, you have to put in your iPhones’ passcode which is required to enable Touch ID.
  • You can now visit the settings of your iPhone to see the iOS version.

That means you have successfully downgraded your iPhone without iTunes, using the WooTecky tool to downgrade iOS version!

(We guided you with the clear and easy instructions in the video. Watch out for any help and browse your downgraded iPhone at any time)

Final words:

Oftentimes, users need to downgrade their iPhone’s operating system (for example iOS 11 to iOS 8 to upgrade to an older iOS firmware version). This process is not as complicated as it seems. And by following our guidelines it’s even easier than before!

So, try out these techniques with your iPhone and get the firmware version downgraded quickly!


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