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BalenaEtcher Download and Tutorial for Jailbreak on iPhone

Download Balenaetcher iCloud Bypass Tool For Windows

What is BalenaEtcher?

BalenaEtcher is a free piece of software that lets you download and install firmware on your Android or IOS device like iPhone. The program is a tweaked version of the TWRP recovery, which is found on a lot of Android and iDevice handsets. This allows you to install new firmware on your iPhone that can be used to update unofficial builds of IOS, root devices, install custom ROMs, and perform many other functions.

What is this BalenaEtcher software used for?

To improve your iPhone or PC you have to update your windows with new operating software. And for that, you have to create a bootable USB flash drive, DVD, or CD on your PC. That’s exactly why you need to use this software which doesn’t hassle or confuse you with anything and works as smoothly as you want. This software can be used to quickly and easily extract images from your memory card. It can be used to extract operating system images from a Balena memory card or any other removable sd card. It also works great with iPhones or any iDevices to jailbreak iCloud activation lock.

To use this software on your PC, you just need to: Download the latest version of the program from the Tools Download Page. We described the process of downloading BalenaEtcher below.

How to download BalenaEtcher for pc windows 10?

To download This Software for your Windows 10 or any version of Windows:

Go to the “official site” of BalenaEtcher from your pc browser. The page that appeared says “Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily”. It’s here available for download. To download, go to the bottom of the page and click the “download for Windows” button.

There is an arrow to select the device option, where you are downloading this software. If you’re using Mac or Linux, you have to choose either “Etcher for Mac” or “Etcher for Linux”. Here, we are using Windows so we’ll select “Etcher for Windows”.

You should wait for some while, then you’ll see that the “BalenaEtcher setup .exe” format of the latest version is downloaded in your windows 10. You can find the downloaded format in the Local Disk (C:) > users > downloads. Yes finally, it’s successfully downloaded!

Now, you just have to install and set up the initials to use the software on your pc.

How do I install and use BalenaEtcher in Windows 10?

For a quick setup, after downloading the software you have to click the exe. format and run it by agreeing to the license agreement. This will start the installation process. After completing the software is ready to use. To flash and create a bootable USB flash drive or an SD card in the default settings-

  • Insert a USB flash drive or SD card into your pc.
  • Open the software and select the bootable image for Etcher by clicking on “Select image”. This software will easily support any os image format like IMG or ISO or others.
  • Next, you’ve to select the USB flash drive or SD card for making it bootable. You’ll find this by clicking “Select target”. (Though, it’ll be selected automatically. You can “change” your flash drive there if you need to). After that, click on “Continue”.
  • Lastly, all you have to do is click the “Flash” button to flash! This will take a little time so make sure this goes on perfectly. After finishing the “Flashing” process, the “Validating” will start.

Once it’s done, your Flash is successfully completed! You’ve used BalenaEtcher to generate a bootable USB flash drive or SD card. Now you can exit the software and take out your SD card or USB flash drive.

How to use BalenaEtcher for jailbreaking iCloud activation lock of an iPhone?

Using BalenaEtcher to jailbreak the iCloud activation lock of your iPhone is not that complicated you think. To give you a proper idea about this we described the full process of jailbreaking below.

  • The very first thing you need to do is, connect your iPhone with your PC and open 3utools there. When your iDevice is connected, go to the info list and photos. Select your firmware version there and click on flash on the bottom right.
  • Then confirm the flash and wait for the process to complete. It may take a few minutes for finishing the process. When it says clean flash completed, insert your Pendrive/ USB flash drive to the PC and open the Software there.
  • Select the checkr1n file there and the USB flash drive will be automatically selected.
  • Click on “Flash” to flash! When the process is completed, close all programs and restart your computer.
  • A page will appear on the PC that says “Welcome to checkra1n”, set the options there. (Put [x] on “allow untested IOS/iPadOS versions” and “Skip all BRP check”). Start the checkra1n process then.
  • Now you’ve to put your iPhone into recovery mode. You’ll find the guidelines there which have to be done manually. Do what it says with your iPhone.
  • The jailbreak will be now installing, after finishing the process extract the USB flash drive from the PC.

When your PC will restart, watch our videoiPhone 7 To X iCloud Bypass Free Using BalenaEtcher | Windows Checkra1n Bypass iCloud MEID Sim Fix

to get help and move further with the jailbreak.

Is BalenaEtcher Malware?

BalenaEtcher makes it possible to use a laptop or desktop computer as an SD card writer.  The latest version of BalenaEtchers includes support for Windows and Mac computers in addition to Linux machines, making it easy for people who are new to Ubuntu or any other type of Linux-based system (including Raspberry Pi) to create their own bootable SD card without needing specialized equipment.

BalenaEtcher, the new tool for flashing images to SD cards and eMMCs from Etcher.io, has been in the news lately because of its malware-like behavior. The tool is actually not malware but it does behave like one by automatically downloading data without user consent or knowledge. For this, some people may be worried about its legitimacy but we wanna assure you that Software is totally safe for your pc.

If you’re that concerned about your safety and privacy, then we suggest you should download the software from BalenaEtcher’s official website to avoid any kind of risk and privacy concern.

Bottom line:

We considered the reviews about this software and found it surprisingly good! It’s totally easy to use this and do not even bother too much for work. Overall, you can create bootable USB flash drives in the simplest way by BalenaEtcher and take your existing PC to a better and advanced level.



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