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3uTools iCloud Remove New Method 2021 | Jailbreak iOS 14.4 Checkra1n Windows iCloud Bypass

3utools iCloud Remove Windows Method

How to use 3utools to unlock iCloud? Suppose you bought a second-hand iPhone or iPad among iOS devices and want to change your iCloud activation lock status which was created by the previous owner of the iDevice. What will you do to unlock it? The answer is 3utools iCloud Remove.

3utools is a great tool for iPhone, iPad, or any latest version like IOS 14 system. This software is compatible with your PC or laptop to unlock your iPhone activation lock.

3utools for bypassing iCloud lock:

3utools bypass activation unlocker is a safe platform for those who have forgotten their Apple ID and need to remove the ID by jailbreaking their iPhone. That’s exactly why you need to use 3utools activation lock option. But how?!
Yes! We are here to help you to overcome the problem you’re facing now, also only in a few simple steps! So, we are presenting the best method of “bypass iCloud activation lock” in 2021 using 3utools.

Download 3utools:

You can download and install 3utools sim unlock software at its official site. Go there and find the download button. After that, you will see a reminder, click on “Run”. By clicking run, the 3utools software will be downloaded on your windows. To move further with the installation process click the ‘Install” button and wait for a while for it to complete. Finally, launch your new software in your windows. The details of downloading and installing are posted by 3utools there.

How to bypass iCloud activation lock with 3utools? (Step by step)

The method of bypassing the iCloud activation lock with 3utools is mentioned down below-

Firstly, to unlock iCloud activation, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection at your place. Connect your iPhone with the Wi-Fi network.
After that, wait for a while to come up with the activation unlocker page on your iPhone.
Now you have to open 3utools on the laptop and connect your locked iPhone with your laptop/PC with a USB cable.
After connecting, your iPhone information will be shown there in the iDevice info. Now, click on “Flash & JB” right up there and choose your firmware version.
Find “Jailbreak” from the list. You’ll find a few steps of the jailbreaking process, read them well.
You’ll see there is an option “Make Checkra1n jailbreak USB flash drive” on the top of them. Click that and start making.

Before you start, turn your iPhone screen on or else the process might fail. After a few seconds, the process ends with “the jailbreak U disk has been made successfully!”. Now restart your PC/laptop. Your next destination is to complete the factory unlock process.

Before restarting your Windows will come up with the checkra1n page. Click on Alt+F2 to jump on the “welcome to checkra1n” page.
Now choose the options. Put an [X] on the required options like “Skip all BRP check” and others that are mentioned in the video.
Now start the process by clicking “Start” and then “OK”. Again click on “Next”.

Now, the device is in recovery mode. Now, you have to follow the instructions manually with your iPhone before clicking start. Thereafter, instructions will be given.

Click “Start”. Jailbreak is now in progress, it will take some time.
Now insert a USB flash drive and wait to turn on the laptop completely.
Go to 3utools, after connecting your iDevice. You’ll notice the change in the iDevice info, this will say “Jailbroken”. Now below, click on “Activate now” and then “Start”.

Your iPhone is now under activation. It will still say to use your Apple ID and password. Now you have to enter the “iCloud Bypass Code 1.text” from your notepad. (If you do not understand and are facing problems with it watch our video where we mentioned everything step by step).

Go to the 3utools again, and then click Files> File system> iTunes. Now import the iCloud Bypass Code1. txt file there.
Then go to iDevice info and view iDevice details in a notepad.
Select all and copy them. Paste them in “iCloud Bypass Code2.txt” format in the notepad.
Now go to 3utools files again. Inside the “iTunes” import that “iCloud Bypass Code2.txt” there. Now click on “Activate now” on the iDevice info.

Activation takes only a few moments. And yes, the bypass activation lock process is now successfully completed! Your iPhone 6s will show the startup page moving from the “carriers lock” page. Fulfill the formalities of your iPhone/iPad. Finally, It’s done. Welcome to your iPhone.

Final words:

This method is probably the best one because you don’t even need any turbo SIM among SIM cards. Only need to ensure that your iDevice connects to your computer/laptop all the time. It’s super simple to bypass the iCloud activation locked using 3utools. Still, we helped with the process for jailbreaking your device described A to Z and even showed you in the video. So, we assure you that you won’t fail.

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